Puppy's First Groom

It's very important to start puppies off on the right foot with grooming. That's why we have a Puppy Package for puppies under 5 months old. We take them as young as 8 weeks old and they must have at least their 1st set of shots. They don’t have to have their rabies shots until 6 months old.

This special package is designed to help introduce puppies to bathing, drying, brushing, clippers, scissors and being at the groomers. This package can be used as many times as you want before they are 5 months old. It doesn't take length off the body that would be the adult full hair package pricing.

Puppies start off with two premium shampoos and a conditioner with their bath. The first shampoo is a deep cleanser and the second is a color enhancer. The conditioner helps to make their fur soft and fluffy for their cuddle time with mom or dad.

We use a hypo-allergenic and tearless face wash to get their little noses clean. Pup's faces are more sensitive and this face wash is designed to be especially gentle.

We towel dry them to get most of the water off. They feel very secure and sit still when we bring the towels out.

We then introduce the dryer. If they get too excited we have happy hoodies to help keep them calm.

We introduce the brush and they get a thorough combing and brushing out. This gets them all fluffled out for their groom and is usually what mom and dad's love the most.

Next up is the mani and pedi aka toe nail trimming time.

We introduce the clippers for the first time on their paw pads and sanitary area. This helps them get accustomed to how the clippers feel for their adult hair cuts.

We slowly introduce scissors around their feet. They're usually very curious and want to check out what's happening.

We give them a nice face trim so the pups can see their loving mom or dad. We finish up by giving them a bow or bandana to give them something stylish to walk out the door with and a spritz of a nice smelling cologne.

As always a very positive experience for both the "kids" and their father. Appreciate high levels of customer service which is a standard here.

Patrick M.