Shih-apoo creatively groomed with Ohio State block O and scarlet and gray poms

Creative Grooming

This style of grooming is above and beyond normal grooming and can range anywhere from something as simple as a feather in the ear or as extravagant as a full on whole pet colored theme.

All the products are pet safe and we would never use something on your pet that could harm them. This style of grooming is not for every pet or every owner. Pet must sit still for use to apply dyes or temporary color. When they are all done they do strut their stuff. Pets with even just a little of ear or tail color just love the attention they receive from other people.

Creative Grooming Options

  • Feather Extensions
  • Booty Bling
  • Gem & Glitter Tattoos
  • Ear & Tail Color
  • Full Color
  • Themes
  • Logos & Teams
Princess Fiona standard poodle creative groomed airbrushed with a jack o' lantern
Creative groom gem tattoo on a Shih Tzu
Cat creatively groomed with blow pen temporary tattoo in a lion trim

Before mohawkAfter mohawk

Misty and the whole team at Designer Paws always do an amazing job on my Chinese Crested. We've had great experiences with everything from basic grooming to wild and funky color (Momo's currently got a hot pink mohawk and pink/purple designs!) The staff is great with both pets and people. I recommend them to everyone!

Jenn K.