Misty Gieczys bathing a short hair tiger tabby cat with the Sav Ur Fur system

Cat Grooming

Designer Paws Salon offers cat grooming and bathing at our facility. We have a dedicated room for our feline friends that keeps them safe and secure during their stay.

We take the utmost pride in our cat grooming. We like to keep cats in our salon the least amount of time with getting most cats done about 30 minutes - 1 1/2 hours. We do ask that kitties be picked up shortly after they are done to ensure the grooming visit was a pleasant one and not a stressful one.

Cats, against popular belief, don't clean themselves, they lick and just spread saliva around constantly. Saliva causes a lot of grease to build up in the cat's coat which traps the coat that is shedding by sticking together to form clumps. The "cleaning" they do can cause the hair to build up in the stomach and then later the cat will give you a nice hairball on your bed or even worse cause a life threatening blockage that will need vet care. Not to mention all your furniture and clothes covered in cat hair.

If the coat is not properly bathed every 4-6 weeks the clumps will form small mats. These mats will form larger and larger mats until the cat is covered in a "pelt" which is very painful for the kitty. Under these pelts you can find infected soars, fleas, bald spots, skin infections, dander and many other things. You can avoid these issues by having your cat groomed by a professional cat groomer.

Bath & Brush Out

  • 2 premium shampoo baths
  • Conditioner
  • Light Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim

Bath & Brush Out +

  • Everything in Bath & Brush Out
  • + Sanitary Trim

Full cat hair cut

  • Everything in Bath & Brush Out +
  • + A full groom, lion trim, or a shave down

I LOVE this place! I would never take my cats anywhere else. I have two hairless kitties and every other grooming place seemed confused on how to groom a hairless (or why I would even want to get them groomed). Hairless cats DO need groomed and Misty is the best and is very knowledgeable about hairless breeds. They always leave the salon very happy, clean, and smelling great!

Bethany N.


Pads are done by request only and only if your cat will allow us to.
Removing mats and extra handling fees may be applied based on your kitty's condition and temperment.