Caitlyn grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She has loved all sorts of animals since she was very little. She has been riding horses since she was 7 years old. We don’t think there is a single pet she hasn’t cared for; sugar glider, hedgehog, bearded dragon, ball python, love bird, and axolotls are just a few exotic animals she has kept.

Her love of animals pushed her to attend college at Otterbein to pursue a bachelors in Zoo and Conservation Science. Her studies with the college has sent her to intern in Belize and Panama. Were she worked with jaguars, monkeys, tapir, parrots and red-eyed tree frogs.

Her best friend is her rescued pitty, Ginger, that loves to jump through hoola hoops.


  • 1st in Rescue IJA Columbus Pet Expo 2018